Army Innovation

ARMY25 focuses on being modern, agile in thought, and ensuring continuous improvement through innovation. Innovation is not only about looking for an idea that will create a step change (that is, a change that makes a significant difference to processes, outputs or structures), but also about those little efficiencies and novel approaches to the way things are done, that, when combined, improve how Army operates, delivers value for money and creates savings that may be reinvested elsewhere.

Innovation is now an imperative for organisations to succeed. Within Army this is no exception. Innovation must be part of the culture and of the long-term strategy for continuous improvement. Innovation contributes to and demonstrates our value of Tū Kaha – Courage and Tū Tika – Commitment.

The Army Innovation Scheme is all about capturing your good ideas, implementing them, looking at ways people can share or celebrate better outcomes, and consider the value they bring to New Zealand Army.

Army Innovation challenges soldiers and civilians to support Chief of Army’s vision of a modern, agile, highly adaptive, light combat force by:

  • Delivering continuous improvement through the use of technology to create effectiveness and efficiency, smarter soldiers and enhance current capability.
  • Ensuring New Zealand Army plays its part in protecting our environment, our taonga, for future generations by reducing the Army’s environmental impact when deployed both domestically and internationally.

This page was last amended on 17 March 2020