What is Army25?




ARMY25 is a change strategy for the period 2019 to 2025. Its objective is to meet the Chief of Army's vision of a modern, agile, highly adaptive, light combat force. The plan is divided into four themes – People, Information, Relationships and Capability Enhancement. Each aims to deliver different parts of the plan.

In order to achieve Army's mission and end-state, approved projects and initiatives are run under each theme to produce the change our Army needs. Projects cover a range of new capabilities we are looking to introduce into service such as Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS or drones), through to ensuring Army personnel are provided with the learning opportunities to succeed on the future battlefield.


This theme looks to ensure that by 2025 our New Zealand Army will have increased in strength to 5150 personnel to be better positioned to meet the outputs directed by government, New Zealand Army must grow a future force that is resilient; has the attitude, skills and knowledge to be agile and adaptive in the execution of its duties; and lives the organisational ethos and values.


For the NZ Army to be a modern and effective light combat force, all soldiers must be skilled in operating in an information-rich environment. Transforming information into knowledge and then into actions through timely, accurate and informed decisions will be critical to mission success in the future operating environment.


New Zealand Army is a people organisation which operates in the human terrain – relationships are vital to everything it does. New Zealand Army must be viewed as credible and trusted by our community, nation, allies and partners.

Capability Enhancement

Modern Armies must be networked and interoperable land combat forces, resourced and equipped to operate both domestically and in a complex, integrated expeditionary environment.

This page was last amended on 30 October 2019