Army News 2012 (issues 428 - 438)

Army News 438 December 2012

News: Army shooting competition, Recruits march out, 28 Maori Battalion Association closes, Territorials become more joined up People: Stress and SAS selection, Changing trades, 2 CCSB changes, Timor-Leste extraction, Taking the stress out of Christmas Sport: Touch, Cycling. (24 pages) Army News - Issue 438
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Army News 437  November 2012

News: CA to become VCDF, Ex Pae Tata, SAS save girl's life Capability: ISWRUP, Field pack, Dress update, Combat Clothing, Gap Crossing System People: AARC march-out, It's a dog's life, Did your brain shrink? Training: Boredom and SAS selection. (28 pages) Army News - Issue 437
PDF, 3.64MB

Army News 436  October 2012

News: Our new DCA, Capability: equipped to win Deployments: Timor-Leste Exercises: Somme, Galvanic Kiwi People: Army recovery plan, Breastfeeding in combat boots Training: Waiouru, Christchurch Sport: Ultra distance running, Volleyball. (28 pages) Army News - Issue 436
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Army News 435 September 2012

News: New DCA, NZ Trust for casualties, Our recovery plan People: Our three fallen soldiers laid to rest, Employers view their TF soldiers at work, Top reservist Training: 2/1 Battalion win Skill at Arms, The Education Study, Assistance Programme Mission Army dental pers in Samoa Exercise: Cool pics from RIMPAC Sport: League, Rugby. (28 pages) Army News - Issue 435
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Army News 434 August 2012

News: New Command WO at JFNZ, Linton soldier commended during RIMPAC, Waiouru soldier to receive Gallantry medal, Soldiers farewelled People: Innovation, Pt 2 Missions: Solomon Islands Exercises: Tropic Twilight, Galvanic Kiwi, TF/RF Training: Driver of the Year, Parachuting, League. (28 pages) Army News - Issue 434
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Army News 433  July 2012

News: World Skills (NZ) winners, New cam pattern for combat clothing People: Innovation, Behind the Battlelabs, Tactical Shotgun breaching device, Ex Poseidon, Recruits march out Exercises: RIMPAC, Ex Baupaume, Ex Kepimpinan Sport: Cycling, Drifting, Enduro motorcycling, Speedway, Lone Pine. (28 pages) Army News - Issue 433
PDF, 6.38MB

Army News 432  June 2012

News: Success, Diva dentist delights, Top sportsperson, Exercise Alam Halfa, Top Recruit, Enhanced Infantry Company, Erebus medals Training: Ex Tebaga Gap, Twin peaks battle tab, Land petroleum operators People: Mental health-talk to someone, US Army War College Sport: Macca trains for Poland, Timor fight night. (28 pages) Army News - Issue 432
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Army News 431  May 2012

News: McMahon Clinic to close, 30 Years in the Sinai, Deployed Joint Task Force People: When a loved one deploys, Anzac Day, 24 Infantry Battalion, Youth Development Unit Equipment: NZDF Night Vision equipment programme, NZ Army soldier systems, 16 Field Regiment's refocus Training: Craftman's Pride, Exercise Sea Lion, A threat that won't go away. (28 pages) Army News - Issue 431
PDF, 5.16MB

Army News 430  April 2012

News: Exercise Alam Halfa, SAS mission ends, New Army fitness test, Top Soldiers return from Hawaii, CPL Dougie Hughes laid to rest, TRADOC Training: Aire care, Spotty Bulldog, NOLES People: Engineers celebrate, NZ Army soldier systems, 16 Field Regiment's refocus, Len Manning's legacy, Ghurkas train in Burnham, Tussock Buster. (28 pages) Army News - Issue 430
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Army News 429  March 2012

News: New recruiting push, New machine gun, Non-lethal weapons seminar People: CA's first year in the role, CO 1 (NZ) Bridgade, Dangerous Decibels Missions: Antarctica, Timor-Leste Sport: Everest Marathon, Army Sports awards. (24 pages) Army News - Issue 429
PDF, 3.76MB

Army News 428  February 2012

News: Officer cadets graduate, New Year Honours, Medics graduate in first-ever course, WW1 soldier laid to rest People: Defence at the Hertz Sevens, Lest we forget: Timor-Leste, Singapore-bound, Nathan Blackler Memorial Challenge Equipment: New weapons, Groin protection Exercises: Bluebell in Rarotonga, Neptune Sport: Offlimits, The Roof of Africa. (28 pages) Army News - Issue 428
PDF, 5.29MB

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