Army News 2013 (issues 439 - 448)

Army News 448 November/December 2013

News: Joint Officer Induction Course Pilot, 1 (NZ) Brigade Change of Command People: Christmas messages, SMA profile, Dion Taka, Train Safe, Canine graduates, Defence dentists, Chief of Army commendations, Changing trades Exercises: Southern Katipo Sport: Cycling, League. (36 pages) Army News - Issue 448
PDF, 6.24MB

Army News 447 October 2013

News: New legal boss, Movement specialists help at Pike River People: Train safe, Aumangea, Mogadishu memories Capability: MHOV moves closer Sport: Football, Cycling, Mountaineering, White water rafting. (28 pages) Army News - Issue 447
PDF, 4.38MB

Army News 446 September 2013

News: PACC PAMS, Defence takes out diversity award, Army Band a hit, PNG deployment ends, MSMs, Taking a stand, Top reservist, LAVs return home Training: Staying safe, Winning chefs People: Special korowai for SAS regiment, Innovation Capability: New light gun system upgrade Sport: Rugby, Netball, Muay Thai. (28 pages) Army News - Issue 446
PDF, 4.94MB

Army News 445 August 2013

News: Fight Night, QAMR win skills contest, 5/7 Battalion celebrates Exercises: Ex Alam El Halfa Operations: Pacific Partnership Training: 369 marches out People: Korean Armistice 60th anniversary. (24 pages) Army News - Issue 445
PDF, 4.41MB

Army News 444  July 2013

News: Train Safe campaign, Pacific Partnership, Clearing Solomons ordnance People: Innovation, Recruiting reservists, Tonga trade skills cooperation, Capability bricks, Soldier power battlelab Exercises: Kleidi Pass Training: Tac vehicle operators course Sport: Cycling, Macca excels in Holland, Hockey. (24 pages) Army News - Issue 444
PDF, 4.24MB

Army News 443  June 2013

News: Honours for Army, Clean Sweep for Chefs Capability: Combat Clothing Update, MHOV Training: Dawn Blitz Operations: UNMO in Sudan, NSE prepares to close, Farewell Abdul Sport: Cycling. (28 pages) Army News - Issue 443
PDF, 4.88MB

Army News 442  May 2013

News: New MHOV for Army, NZDF Womens Forum People: AASAM, Anzac Day coverage, Gallantry recognised Missions: Bamyan a positive legacy, Moving back home Training: 2 Field SQDN, Bold Alligator, La Bas Ville Sport: Cycling, Golf, Softball. (28 pages) Army News - Issue 442
PDF, 4.06MB

Army News 441  April 2013

News: The NZDF in Bamyan: Mission Accomplished People: Psychs: what do they do, Tina Grant begins a new role, Wellbeing, Health and Safety, Womens development Forum, Changing Trades Missions: Bamyan: Mission accomplished, Gun barrel recovered Capability: QAMR's new repair shelters Sport: Burnham Triathlon, Ironman, Cycling, Sports Awards. (28 pages) Army News - Issue 441
PDF, 4.45MB

Army News 440  March 2013

News: A new ACPERS appointed, Wounded Warriors do well in US, Our new Chief of Army, TF amalgamation parade Training: Rappelling and dispatching, Exercise Bluebell, Urban warfare People: SAS photo feature, CANZEX, Health and Safety, Changing trades, Joint Forces Sport: Softball, Linton winner, Cricket. (28 pages) Army News - Issue 440
PDF, 6.05MB

Army News 439  February 2013

News: NZDF Person of the Year, 2/4 Battalion Charter Parade, CDF: what lies ahead Training: Medics graduate, The SAS: what makes it tick? Jungle training Guadalcanal, Bluebell Shield, Exercise Elliot, Leadership development People: Maintaining personal health, How are your knees? Sport: Canoeing, Cycling. (28 pages) Army News - Issue 439
PDF, 5.25MB

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