Army News 2014 (issues 449 - 458)

Army News 458 November/December 2014

News: New soldiers march out, Pippa Doyle receives highest French award, New MP organisation People: Our pers have a say, Aumangea, CDF Priorities, Pippa's War, Army lawyer in anti-piracy mission, 5/7 parades in Gisborne, Cadets celebrate 150 years, Where have you been for the past 25 years? Exercises: Kiwi Koru, Pestilence Sport: Cycling, Lone Pine, Triathlon, Rugby League (40 pages) Army News - Issue 458
PDF, 9.97MB

Army News 457  October 2014

News: Force Fit app available, New TRADOC commander People: Top reservist, Stemming the IED scourge, Safety first Training: Ex Croix du Sud, Ex Ben Cat Sport: Hockey, Rugby (28 pages) Army News - Issue 457
PDF, 5.29MB

Army News 456  September 2014

News: QAMR celebrates People: TRADOC changing of the guard, Invictus Games, MHOVS on the road Training: Linton's new helo tower, Taiaha Tombak Sport: Cycling, Softball, Netball (24 pages) Army News - Issue 456
PDF, 5.10MB

Army News 455  August 2014

News: 100 Gun Salute, Scott farewelled, CDF on core military skills Exercises: Pitch Black, Hamel, Moss Ridge People: Aumangea, Camp school’s 50th birthday, Caring for your medals, SNCOs march out Sport: Invictus Games, Fun in the mud, Football (28 pages) Army News - Issue 455
PDF, 5.64MB

Army News 454  July 2014

News: Queen's Medal, Bastille Day Exercises: RIMPAC, Bull's Roar People: Skills at Arms, New VANZ GM, A Provost for NZDF Sport: Rugby, Pistol Shooting, Ironman, Basketball (28 pages) Army News - Issue 454
PDF, 4.03MB

Army News 453  June 2014

News: Invictus team named, Weapons Update, Reservists-what's in store? People: Soldiers commended for bravery, Remembering Cassino, Wonderful Waiouru, Experiential learning, New soldiers Exercises: Alam Halfa, Eutectic, Harder-Times Sport: Cycling, Tough guys and gals (28 pages) Army News - Issue 453
PDF, 4.11MB

Army News 452  May 2014

News: Army 2020 –  Trusted Professionals, ANZAC DAY 2014, Exercise Pacific Kukri complete People:Engineers build DOC huts, NZ as Peacekeepers, Smart Ideas wanted, NZ Army Band Golden Jubilee, Once in a lifetime experience Training: SNCO Course Top students, Enhanced Infantry Company, Exercise Henry Tucker Sport: Burnham Cycling, Golf Update. 
(28 pages) Army News - Issue 452
PDF, 4.33MB

Army News 451  April 2014

News: The Gurkhas train in NZ, Army 2020 – Force Generated, MHOV are here People: Manahi sword presented, Roy Smith Trophy, Our top JNCOs Training: Battle PT, Shooting for the Stars, Exercise Highlander South Mission: South Sudan Sport: Ultra Marathon, Army Sports Awards, Cricket, Touch. (28 pages) Army News - Issue 451
PDF, 4.43MB

Army News 450 March 2014

News: LOV Drop, Train Safe People: Why a Lemon Squeezer? Nana and Grandad's medals, Army 2020, Celebrating military women Training: Officer Cadets, Medics test their skills Sport: Cricket, Burnham triathlon. (28 pages) Army News - Issue 450
PDF, 3.70MB

Army News 449 February 2014

News: Our new SMA, A new face at the top People: YDU in the Pacific, Officer Cadets graduate, Cadet Forces mark 150 years, QAMR new leaders, Gunners and the year ahead, JOIC Capability: Light Gun project Sport: Over 35s football, Hurricanes train at Trentham, Linton Command Week Rugby. (28 pages) Army News - Issue 449
PDF, 4.31MB

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