Army News 2016 (issues 469 - 478)

Army News 478  Nov/Dec 2016

News: LCPL Nui - NZDF Person of the Year, Troops return from Taji Operations: Kaikoura earthquake assistance, Building confidence in Iraq  People: The White Ribbon campaign, AARC marchouts, The Dolores Cross project, Patrol Ration Packs – what's new, How to survive Christmas Training: Mortar training at Kaipara, Our Network Enabled Army  Sport: Taupo Ultra Marathon, Football (28 pages) Army News - Issue 478
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Army News 477  October 2016

News: Message from DCA, Little Harry's Kiwisaver, Massey students collaborate on Army projects, Reservist of the Year, WorldSkills, New TRADOC Commander People: Somme commemorated, 2CSSB raise money for homeless, Celebrating: Army chefs  Missions: Sinai Shift  Training: Intensive health training, for Iraqi-bound troops, Exercise Worthington, 1 NZSAS Regiment, Sari Bair loggies, Dark Raven Sport: League, Rugby (32 pages) Army News - Issue 477
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Army News 476  September 2016

News: New SAS vehicles to be purchased, Hone your financial skills People: Regeneration – what’s in it for Army?, NZ training team maintains high tempo in Iraq, Meeting the mark on mental health (Part 3), Winning ideas in Army innovation, Vietnam 50th commemorations Training: Sari Bair, Pacific Partnership, Defence chefs among the best in the business Sport: Outstanding softball achievement (28 pages) Army News - Issue 476
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Army News 475  August 2016

News: Vietnam commemoration in Canberra, Bravery award for reservist People: Mental health, Part Two, Commendation for Move Op, Battle of Long Tan commemorated, Thinking of leaving? Try changing trades Training: Soldiers train Sinai-bound Americans, RIMPAC16, Tropic Twilight, MPs receive CIB training (32 pages) Army News - Issue 475
PDF, 6.75MB

Army News 474  July 2016

News: Bastille Day celebrations, Census 16 People: Mental health: help is available, The UNTSO challenge, AUMANGEA, Ammo techs: what is involved Training: MHOVS and combat drivers, Urban breaching and amphib ops, Exercise Sea Explorer  Sport: Army Football (28 pages) Army News - Issue 474
PDF, 4.83MB

Army News 473  June 2016

News: Gallant service recognised, Defence White Paper People: Commemorating the Battle of Crete, AARC 380 marches out, Train Safe, TRADOC commandant farewelled Operations: Iraq, South Sudan Exercises: Jasco Black, Ghurkas in Tekapo, 2/4 gets wet and muddy Sport: Invictus Games (32 pages) Army News - Issue 472
PDF, 4.62MB

Army News 472  May 2016

News: Third Iraq contingent departs, Invictus gold People: Anzac Day commemorations, Scottish Colours laid up in Otago, Meet your recruiting ambassadors, Helping the Christchurch community Training: Delta Company takes, honours in 2/1 SAA, Training to command, Land equipment safety Sport: Cycling, Training for an Ultra Triathlon, Relay for Life at Linton (28 pages) Army News - Issue 472
PDF, 3.91MB

Army News 471  April 2016

News: Anzac Day, Battle Training Facility opens People: Civilian farewelled, Welcome in Tonga, Financial advice, Working part-time Training: New training aids, Ex Moss Ridge Sport: Cricket, Sports Awards (28 pages) Army News - Issue 471
PDF, 3.41MB

Army News 470  March 2016

News: Zero tolerance for bad behaviour, Top Shots Operation: Our response to the Fiji disaster People: Letters from Home, Working part-time, Changing trades Training: JOIC, Exercise Ssang Yong, Army workshops Sport: Touch (28 pages) Army News - Issue 470
PDF, 4.68MB

Army News 469  February 2016

News: Fitness app (Force Fit) wins award, New weapons People: Training dedicated rewarded, Train Safe, TRADOC excellence, Officer cadets graduate Missions: Antartica, UNTSO, Op Troy  Sport: Touch, Cricket (28 pages) Army News - Issue 469
PDF, 3.86MB

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