Military Exercise Helicopter Training, 15 - 16 April 2019

The general public is to be advised that a NZ Army Exercise will be conducted in the West Melton Rifle Range area over the period 15–16 April 2019.

The exercise will involve up to 30 personnel from 2nd/1st Battalion RNZIR at Burnham Military Camp.

Training will involve soldiers conducting insertion and exfiltration using RNZAF Helicopters by both day and night. Blank rounds may also be used.

The activity will be restricted to landing and taking off using NZDF property only.

Night flying activities will be restricted in numbers and neighbouring property boundaries will be avoided.

The activity will take place from 9am to 11pm each day.

For more information please call
the Officer in Charge (OIC)
021 243 8597

This page was last amended on 06 May 2019