Military Exercise 18 February - 4 March 2019

The general public is to be advised that a NZ Army exercise will be conducted in the Kaniere Scenic Reserve and Kowhitirangi area over the period 18 February - 4 March 2019.

The exercise will involve personnel of 2/1 RNZIR from Burnham Military Camp. The exercise will involve up to 30 personnel.

Training will involve soldiers conducting foot patrols and vehicle movement in the vicinity of the Kaniere Reserve and Mount Doughboy and Harry. A portion of the training will be based out of the Koitirangi Community Hall. Soldiers will be wearing uniforms, packs and carrying weapons by day and night. 

Blank firing will occur during the exercise. A Royal New Zealand Air Force helicopter will be used in the area over the period 21 - 22 February.

For more information please call
Burnham Military Camp
03 363 0099

This page was last amended on 18 March 2019