Military Exercise 2 - 12 July 2019 (Lake Pukaki/Twizel)

The general public is to be advised that a NZ Army Exercise will be conducted in the Lake Pukaki / Twizel area over the period 2 - 12 July 2019.

The exercise will involve up to 80 personnel from the Defence Health School at Burnham Military Camp.

Training will involve soldiers moving around the Lake Pukaki access roads, travelling as far south as Lake Benmore, and encompassing the Lake Tekapo area.

Soldiers will be carrying rifles and firing BLANK ammunition with smoke pyrotechnics. There will be activity by day and night with some movement of military vehicles along lake roads.

As this is primarily a medical exercise there will also be a military ambulance moving along the valley road at various times.

For more information please contact
SGT Richards on 021 945 219

This page was last amended on 24 July 2019