Military Exercise 8 - 10 March 2019

The general public is to be advised that a NZ Army Exercise will be conducted in the Pine Forestry Block via Cockburn Road, Milton, over the period 8 - 10 March 2019.

The exercise will involve up to 50 personnel of 2/4 RNZIR from Dunedin, Cromwell, and Invercargill.

Training will involve soldiers carrying weapons in and around the Mount Misery area from 3pm on 8 March to 11am on 10 March.

The NZ Army takes fire risk very seriously and all training activities will comply with current fire restrictions.

Blank rounds and pyrotechnics may be fired. The exercise will also involve the movement of troops and vehicles by day and night.

Danger boards will be located at the edges of the exercise area with key contact information. Members of the public are requested to keep clear of any areas that involve exercising soldiers.

For more information please call
Warrant Officer Class 2, Dion Beker
027 229 5672

This page was last amended on 11 March 2019