Our Key Documents

We are a strategically driven force, with plans in place to ensure we remain the best little Army in the world.

Everything we do is part of a bigger plan. You can find out more information about these plans below:

NZDF Future 35 – Our strategy to 2035

NZDF have developed the framework of a five year plan (short and near term), 10 year plan (mid term), and 25 year plan (long term) to implement the strategic change needed within the Defence Force to overcome future challenges.

Find out more about our strategy on our Future 35 page.

Army 2020 Strategy – Enhanced Combat Capability (June 2016 update)

The Army’s medium term strategy Army 2020 maps out the next five years, it aligns with the NZDF Future 35 strategic plan.

Find out more about the Army 2020 Strategy.

Defence White Paper 2016

The Defence White Paper was released by the Ministry of Defence on 8 June 2016. It sets out the Government's expectations for Defence over the coming decades.

The Defence White Paper 2016 provides the foundation for New Zealand’s security now and into the future at a time of increasing instability and uncertainty in the international strategic environment.

Find out more about the Defence White Paper.

Military Doctrine

The development of sound military doctrine is as much to do with challenging received wisdom as it is with codifying established practice.

Find out all about the Doctrine we use on our Military Doctrine page.

This page was last reviewed on 23 June 2016 and is current.