NZ Army Journal

The intent of the NZ Army Journal is to encourage professional thought and debate within the New Zealand Army about the profession of arms.

The NZ Army Journal provides a means for soldiers and officers to present their ideas and views about how the New Zealand Army prepares for and conducts operations.

Articles, debates and opinions are invited and actively encouraged from all ranks, including ex-military and specialist subject areas related to the military or areas of operation.

The focus of this publication is the tactical and operational conduct of military tasks. Organisational and strategic/political matters are outside the scope of this publication. Generally speaking this publication deals with ‘military art’ (e.g. capabilities, deployable organisation, training, TTPs/SOPs, military equipment etc.) and professional development.

Anything that a normal corporate entity deals with, will in most cases be outside the scope of this publication (e.g. HR policies, finance, recruitment etc).

NZ Army Journal - Fourth Edition  [6.14 MB | 114 pages | Feb 2018]

Face the Future: Concepts on Force Design (Supplementary Publication to the NZ Army Journal)  [4.30 MB | 82 pages | Feb 2018]

This page was last reviewed on 16 April 2018 and is current.