Police Assistance

NZ Police working together with military personnel in Christchurch

The type of assistance the police may request could be expected to cover the whole range of police operations, from search and rescue to crime scene investigations. From time to time assistance flows in the other direction. For example, in the past police have supported Army vehicle checkpoint training, providing added realism and advice.

New Zealand Police requests for NZDF technical or support assistance are forwarded from Police National Headquarters to Headquarters NZ Defence Force, where taskings are allocated.

Section 9 of the Defence Act 1990 is the statutory authority for New Zealand Defence Force personnel to provide assistance to the New Zealand Police.

NZDF assistance to the NZ Police is usually of a technical or support nature. While ultimately deriving legitimacy from Section 9 of the Defence Act, technical or support assistance is governed by a Memorandum of Understanding between the Police Commissioner and the Chief of the Defence Force.

This page was last amended on 10 July 2018