Youth Programmes

Cadets participate in target practice shooting, during the Youth Life Skills Program.

Limited Service Volunteers

The Limited Service Volunteer (LSV) scheme is run at Burnham Military Camp near Christchurch by the NZ Army in conjunction with Work and Income NZ.

LSV trainees are registered unemployed persons between the ages of 18 and 25. They undergo a 6-week course designed to help them develop self-discipline, self-confidence and positive attitudes to enhance their employment opportunities.

The course consists of military activities such as physical training and marching, as well as of instruction from outside providers in topics ranging from white water rafting, to budgeting, First Aid, dress and grooming, and adult education. Six courses are run each year, with a maximum of 144 trainees per course.

Youth life Skills Programmes

The NZ Army supports various community groups providing Youth Life Skills (YLS) Service Academies programmes. The Youth Life Skills Cell at Burnham Military Camp near Christchurch is part of the Christchurch Youth Collective.

As well as supporting local programmes, the cell coordinates youth life skills programme support within Territorial Force Regiments throughout NZ. The Burnham Youth Life Skills Cell runs Adventure Based Learning courses, which use a variety of military environments and tasks to help participants learn the value of life skills, self-discipline, personal and moral responsibility, and respect for self and others.


NZ Cadet Corps

The NZ Cadet Corps is an organisation, which provides NZ secondary school pupils with a positive activity in a military setting. Cadets learn a variety of skills, both practical and personal, which have positive flow-on effects in other areas of their lives, from school to future employment.

The NZ Army provides assistance to the NZ Cadet Corps through the provision of facilities and logistic support for major activities such as camps.

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