We're determined to continue being a world class Army carrying the mana of all New Zealanders. While that mana is important when we're at home, it's even more crucial when we deploy overseas. New Zealand Army soldiers are currently serving and have served in missions in all four corners of the world.

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Humanitarian Operations

New Zealand has contributed to United Nations peace support operations since 1950. We are also a long time contributor to humanitarian operations in our region and around the world through:

  • NZ Army support to the Kaikoura community with aid, water and fuel in response to the devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake.

  • Contribution to the NZDF humanitarian, aid and disaster relief mission in Vanuatu and Fiji, following the severe damage of Cyclone Pam and Cyclone Winston.

  • Incorporating humanitarian assistance into Peace Support Operations, for example the Forward Surgical Team deployed to East Timor 

  • The Mutual Assistance Programme (MAP), providing support to our pacific neighbours using overseas exercises as opportunities to provide humanitarian assistance, for example Exercise Tropic Twilight.

This page was last amended on 17 January 2017