Army Reserve

Reservists are part time members of the military who, in addition to their civilian employment, have a parallel career in the NZ Defence Force as a member of the Navy, Army or Air Force. Reserves supplement the Regular Force and often bring specialist skills, such as surgical or engineering skills.

Reservists undergo specialist military training when they enlist, then complete military courses and training to advance their skills. Reserves frequently supplement regular units in New Zealand and overseas. In recent years Reservists have been called upon to deploy overseas on military operations to places as far away as Afghanistan.

Experience life in the Army Reserve

ESCAPE YOUR EVERYDAY (Army Reserve life on Youtube)

Find out more about the NZ Army Reserve and what our Army Reserve Soldier's get out of this part-time paid job with full on rewards.

Watch the video Escape your Everyday on Youtube.

Army Reservists work hard to balance their civilian and military commitments; the Defence Employer Support Council (DESC) provides resources and outreach to assist reservists.

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For more information about the Army Reserve visit the website or if you're interested in finding out more about joining.

This page was last amended on 14 September 2016