Who We Are

In these pages you’ll find a range of information about New Zealand Army – from Our Leaders and Our Structure, to our Ranks and Corps, the NZ Army Reserve, the NZ SAS - even our brilliant Army Band.

Our Leaders

Strong leadership is what makes our small Army one of the best in the world – and these leaders encourage leadership throughout the organisation. Find out more about the New Zealand Army Leadership team.

Our Structure

The New Zealand Army operates under an Order of Battle. Find out more about Our Structure and the commanders of our main Headquarters.

Our Ranks and Corps

Download PDFs of the New Zealand Army Rank Slides and Corp Belts – so when you meet us you’ll know whether we’re a Commissioned Officer or Non-Commissioned Officer, and where we’re from – on our Ranks and Corps page.


New Zealand’s Special Operations Forces is the premier combat unit of the New Zealand Defence Force. Find out more information about the NZSOF.

The Army Reserve

The Army Reserve continue the tradition of part-time soldiering, having the best of both worlds enjoying both a military and civilian career. Read all about the Army Reserve.

New Zealand Army Band

If you have never seen these guys perform – you don’t know what you’re missing! Widely regarded as one of the top five marching Military bands in the world – find out more about the New Zealand Army Band.

This page was last amended on 22 March 2016