Lest we Forget

Produced in October 2007 at the New Zealand Army Bandroom, Burnham Camp

‘Lest We Forget’ features ceremonial music of the NZ Army played by the NZ Army Band. It includes two compositions by Bandmaster WO2 Dwayne Bloomfield, Fernleaf Headstones and Behold the Narrows From the Hill.

Fernleaf Headstones was commissioned for the funeral procession for the Return of the Unknown Warrior in 2004.

Behold the Narrows From the Hill tells the story of the New Zealand Infantry Brigade’s capture of Chunuk Bair in Gallipoli on August 8 1915. The composer reading the book “Gallipoli” by Chris Pugsley inspired the work.

Lest We Forget (Cover) - Recorded by the New Zealand Army Band Lest We Forget (Tracklist)

Here are two recordings of the NZ Army Band playing the National Anthem of New Zealand, God Defend New Zealand:

God Defend New Zealand [10MB .wav | Track 13]
God Defend New Zealand (with vocals) [3.4MB mp3]



Recorded in 2008 in the New Zealand Army Band studio, ‘Enchanted’ is predominantly a big band album. The CD also features two original songs; Poppy and Pohutakawa and New Zealand Soldier Song.

Poppy and Pohutakawa is a poignant song based on a poem written by Vietnam veteran Chris Mullane reflecting on the influence Flanders Field had on the shaping of New Zealand as a nation. Cpl David Fiu and WO2 Dwayne Bloomfield composed the music for Poppy and Pohutakawa and the resulting song became the official song of Tribute ‘08.

New Zealand Soldier Song is the official song of the New Zealand Army. A powerful song for the modern soldier it was composed by Don MacLeod and arranged for the NZ Army Band by Cpl Steve Chapman. This recording features Cpl David Fiu on vocals.

‘Enchanted’ is named after the James Morrison chart featured on the album. The New Zealand Army Band enlisted the expertise of professional sound engineer Mike Gibson for this album. Well respected within the NZ music scene Mike has worked with Fur Patrol, Trinity Roots and Hollie Smith.

Enchanted (Cover) - Recorded by the New Zealand Army Band Enchanted (Tracklist)


Other recordings

The Army Band have also made available their sounds of Anzac Day

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