Our Ranks and Corps

Montage of Corps in NZ Army (WN 04-0097-28, WN 06-0013-78, WN 08-0015-74 & WN 06-0010-80).

The New Zealand Army is made up of several ranks within our Commissioned and Non-Commissioned Officers.

All Officers and Soldiers are trained to use small arms (rifles and machine guns), operate radio sets and drive essential vehicles.

However, when tasks are performed on a large scale (or with specialised equipment) we group our specialists together into Corps:

Royal NZ Artillery

The Royal NZ Artillery is responsible for large calibre guns, radar and air defence, demanding skills in ballistics, meteorology, aerodynamics and surveying.

Royal NZ Armoured Corps

The Royal NZ Armoured Corps operates the Army's armoured vehicles. Its reconnaissance unit gains combat intelligence, while its NZLAV units provides secure and rapid movement of the infantry.

Corps of Royal NZ Engineers

The Corps of Royal NZ Engineers provides obstacles to hinder enemy movement and assists with the movement of our own troops. The Engineers are also the Army's builders and can construct roads, airfields, buildings, wharves and water wells. They are the Army specialists in mine warfare and have developed an expertise in training 'de-miners'.

Royal NZ Corps of Signals

The Royal NZ Corps of Signals provides, co-ordinates and operates the Army's communication network, nationally and internationally. Army signallers operate high-powered multi-channel radio and automatic telephone equipment and IT systems, in addition to radios used by the rest of the Army.

Royal NZ Infantry

The Royal NZ Infantry is comprised of highly trained soldiers ready to fight in any type of country under any conditions. They can move on foot, by vehicle, NZLAV or helicopter.

Royal NZ Army Logistic Regiment

The Logistics Regiment has three roles; first, it supplies everything the Army needs to do its job including food, cooks, ammunition, fuel, tents and all stores; secondly, it moves those stores and any necessary people to where they are required; and thirdly, should any equipment get damaged, it recovers and repairs it.

Royal NZ Army Medical Corps

The Medical Corps promotes health and disease prevention, and provides care for the wounded and sick. This corps works with members of the Royal NZ Army Nursing Corps and the Royal NZ Army Dental Corps.

Royal NZ Military Police

The Royal NZ Military Police are responsible for policing the Army at home and overseas. MPs also provide VIP protection, convoy escorts, and traffic control.

NZ Special Operations Forces

The NZ Special Operations Forces is the premier combat unit of the New Zealand Defence Force.

NZ Intelligence Corps

The NZ Intelligence Corps analyses information from a variety of sources and provides commanders with intelligence on such things as enemy locations, capabilities and intentions.

NZ Army Physical Training Corps

The NZ Army Physical Training Corps provides programmes and activities to maintain fitness levels and build confidence among Army personnel.

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