Weapon Replacement and Upgrade Programme

weapon upgrade programme

The NZDF Land Capability Delivery (LCD) team in Capability Branch is now responsible for upgrading and replacing the NZDF’s small arms fleet after the In Service Weapons Upgrade Programme closed at the end of 2018.

To ensure the NZ soldier, sailor and airman remains equipped with the capabilities needed to succeed on the modern battlefield, LCD is ensuring the NZDF’s small arms fleet is capable of delivering a broad variety of effects across the spectrum of less-lethal to lethal means with greater precision at increased ranges in order to promote a tactical advantage.

Additionally, projects will enhance force protection and situational awareness through upgraded sighting and target acquisition systems. This will enhance the accuracy of direct fire engagements and as a result will reduce the risk of NZDF personnel being responsible for collateral damage at the same time increasing the likelihood of defeating identified threats.

This will ensure that our personnel are appropriately armed and equipped to meet the challenges and complexities of the contemporary and future operating environments. The LCD team will replace or upgrade selected weapon systems, ancillary equipment and specialist munitions within the NZDF weapon fleet.

In order to do this the programme will consider the needs and requirements of Army, Navy and Air Force elements and will ensure that all service personnel, regardless of service, have the small arms necessary to operate and succeed on operations.

ISWRUP has introduced to service the:
  • Tactical Shotgun (TS)
  • 7.62mm Designated Marksman Weapon (DMW)
  • 7.62mm Light Support Weapon (LSW)
  • Personal Protection Weapon (pistol) replacement project
  • IW Replacement Project which includes the Grenade Launcher (M203) replacement

Projects underway include:

  • Sniper Rifle replacement
  • New Anti Material Rifle 
  • Short Range Anti Armour Weapon 84 mm upgrade
  • Sustained Fire Machine Gun upgrade

Future projects

  • 7.62mm Designated Marksman Weapon (DMW) mid life upgrade
  • Heavy Machine Gun replacement

This page was last amended on 10 June 2019