Network Enabled Army (NEA)

A Network Enabled Army

The NEA Programme is examining the way the NZDF communicates now and how it should be communicating in the future.

The goal of the NEA Programme is to enhance the NZDF’s ability to support deployed land forces by improving its battlefield command and control system, communications and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance sensor systems.
Networked sensors, a clear and current picture of the dispositions of people and assets, chat rooms for mission planning, decision support software and links to ships and aircraft are all necessary to conduct multi-agency operations.

The technology is becoming more readily available, and will enable the rapid control and decision-making tools necessary for the preservation of life and mission success to be deployed early in any directed operation in areas of responsibility, whether in coalition or independent operations.

Upgrading our NEA capability will support future deployments in the South Pacific and in higher-intensity environments. It’s an important part of Army’s future, ensuring there is no divergence of NZDF capabilities from those of our coalition partners, and that we are able to respond appropriately to New Zealand’s security needs. Increased interoperability with our coalition partners ensures the NZDF is an asset in coalition operations.

The capabilities delivered through the NEA Programme will close many of the current command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance and electronic warfare gaps within the Land tactical and operating arenas. This is essential to meet the demands of operating in the modern environment as defined in the Defence White Paper.


Projects under the NEA Programme include:
  • Battlefield communications infrastructure
  • Digital battle management system
  • High capacity data radio network
  • System management
  • Network platform systems
  • Surveillance and reconnaissance systems
  • Decision support applications
  • Synthetic training and simulation


Download a PDF of our Network Enabled Army (NEA) [1.84 MB]

This page was last reviewed on 16 February 2017 and is current.