New Zealand Light Operational Vehicle (NZLOV)

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LOVThe second and final tranche of 321 Pinzgauers (also known as LOVs - Light Operational Vehicles) were introduced into service during the autumn/winter of 2006. The vehicles replace the NZ Army's V8 Landrovers that were purchased back in 1982.

There are 8 variants of the vehicle, of which the majority are general service (GS) or command and control (C2) vehicles. There are also a number of ambulance, shelter and special operations variants in the fleet. Furthermore a number of armoured variants of the Pinzgauer were bought to provide increased protection should the situation require when deployed overseas. 

LOV front viewThe Pinzgauer is an off-the shelf light military vehicle that is required to carry out command and control, liaison, replenishment, special force, evacuation and administrative tasks.

The vehicles require a high degree of off-road capability in order to operate in concert with the Light Armoured Vehicle (NZLAV) and Unimog trucks and have similar off-road capabilities.

Although the family of vehicles will cover a wide area of responsibility, there is a high degree of commonality between all variants of the LOV. Standard characteristics include:

  • Height - 2.045 m
  • Width - 1.8 m
  • Length - 5.308 m
  • Gross Vehicle Weight - 4950 kg
  • Max Payload - 2400 kg (variant specific)
  • Max Range - 800 km

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