Soldier Modernisation

The modern NZ Solider

Soldier Modernisation is an enduring line of effort to ensure that NZDF service personnel, operating in the Land Domain, are trained and equipped to achieve NZDF missions and tasks with coalition and expeditionary forces.

Soldier Modernisation is far more than kit and equipment. It is also a mindset and a culture of high performance that, at its core, continuously improves soldiers’ ability to fight and survive in increasingly complex and ambiguous combat settings.

The NZDF Soldier System is defined as:

  • Survivability. The Soldier System’s interaction with soldier protection systems ranging from ballistic protection through to the ability to block, disrupt or deceive the threats target acquisition systems in the visual, optical, IR and radar spectrum in any geographical or environmental setting.
  • Sustainability. The Soldier System’s ability to operate on the battlefield without maintenance support or resupply of food, water and munitions.
  • Mobility. The Soldier System’s ability to march and fight in direct relationship to the soldier’s load.
  • Lethality. The Soldier System’s interaction with, and operation of, a number of weapon systems.
  • C4I. Definition of the Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence/Information. The Soldier System’s interaction with information displays, weapons interface, vehicle information systems, hands-free operations, and enhancement of all situational awareness and all tactical command and control sub-systems. The means to apply lethal and less-lethal effects with weapons.

This page was last amended on 11 June 2019