Soldier Modernisation

The modern NZ Solider

Soldier modernisation supports soldiers to be fit to fight (based upon their equipment, training, and related factors of human performance), giving Army the ability to appropriately equip themselves to meet the demands of our various missions, locations and tasks; while also ensuring that the kit supplied to the soldier can be used alongside Army’s other capabilities – such as LAVs, new vehicles acquired through the Land Transport Capability Programme, or as part of the Network Enabled Army.

The components of the Soldier Systems’ capability are the same as used by other Western and NATO nations. Within the NZDF they are defined as:

  • Lethality. The means to apply lethal and less-lethal effects with weapons.

  • Protection. This includes a range of personal protection equipment items, including new helmets, ballistic eyewear, improved body armour, updated riot control and less-lethal equipment.

  • Situational Awareness. The ability to see what is going on and tell people about it. The focus within situational awareness so far has been through the Night Vision Equipment programme. 

  • Mobility. What the soldier wears and carries. We have implemented an Improved Combat Clothing System programme to introduce an updated scale of layered components that enable the soldier to survive, fight, and complete mission specific tasks in the various environments in which they may operate. 

  • Support. Improved personal support items (such as first aid kits), individual illumination (both visible and Infrared), and individual and section water treatment systems.

Download our Soldier Modernisation in PDF [1.36 MB]

This page was last amended on 19 March 2015